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  Temp 35 at 7:00 A.M., mostly cloudy. As with Leatherwood Wilderness, I had never been inside the East Fork Wilderness. The East Fork of the Illinois Bayou cuts right down the middle of it. I have paddled all forks of the Illinois bayou save for the East Fork. There is an access point on Hwy 27 called Overcup Access. Seemed like an easy way in so there I started. There was a trail that was once again blazed by the cursed horses. The first 3/4 of this trail ran along ridges and was a bit boring and brushy. Once it began it's descent into the valley the scenery was much nicer. This area had fewer downed trees compared to areas farther north...which was a nice change. The river was average looking with no bluffs or big rocks to be had. I love rocks and bluffs, and consider them essential to a great wilderness experience. I was not terribly impressed by this area so I doubt I will explore it further. Still, the overall area around the Illinois Bayou drainage is quite lovely.