Richland Creek Wilderness Area
  This trip began on CR32 on the west edge of the wilderness. My destination was a high bluff on the edge of Sugar Tree Knob that I had seen from a cliff on the north side of Richland Creek on a previous hike. It was 6:45 A.M., still darkish and the temp was a comfortable 47 degrees. The map displayed an old road that skirts the wilderness boundary. Following it would take me along the ridge that leads to Sugar Tree Knob, my goal. Well, the road was essentially nonexistent with fallen trees and the usual brush found in the area. I managed to find my way to the cliff. This was an ok area, but not great. While sitting there and admiring the view for a while, I pondered my next move.
  Down into the valley of Long Devils Fork I went, heading for a spot just above Jim Bob Falls. Jim Bob was a legendary settler that first discovered this falls in 1847, thus the name. There was a nice rocky slide in the creek that was great for lounging about and listening to the waters flow. Working my way down to Jim Bob Falls was easy going. I viewed it and moved on to Twin Devils falls, named after devil worshipers that settled there in 1851. From there, on to Richland Falls, where I encountered a group of what seemed to be 20 hikers, but I may have miscounted. I dodged a few of them and made it up to the falls. Once there, lunch was in order, so I ate it. The rest and nourishment was very refreshing. So where next?
  I decided to head up the hill to the right of the falls and work my way back to my car in a roundabout way. Making it to the top of the ridge, I then followed the rim edge above the creek and discovered many nice rock outcroppings with wonderful views of the river below. The day was bright, sunny and warm, perfect for basking on the rocks. I eventually made my way upriver and over to the semblance of the road I that followed in. The hike was longer than planned and I ran out of water. Some nicely filtered ice sickles hanging on the edge of small creek tided me over till I got out of the valley and back up on top of the ridge. By the time I got back to the car it was 5:15. I was spent. Luckily a nice cold chocolate milk was waiting for me. I drove out as the sun was setting with the memory of a great day.